Birth Parents

adoptive4Adoption & Children’s Services understands that an unplanned or untimely pregnancy raises many issues and many questions. Although you may feel that you don’t have anyone to talk to about your situation, we are here to listen to your concerns. You understand your own circumstances better than anyone, and we are here to give you a safe place to explore your options.

We have been providing pregnancy counseling and assistance to hundreds of women since 1953. All of our counseling services to birthmothers and birthfathers are free, regardless of outcome. There is no obligation to any birthmother or birthfather, and we will meet with birthparents wherever they feel safe and comfortable, whether that is in our office, your home, a hospital or clinic, or another location such as a public space.

Our agency has experience with different adoption options. We can assist birthparents in making open adoption plans, in which the birthmother and/or birthfather has direct contact with the adoptive family. Open adoption may include letters describing the child’s milestones, photographs of the child in the mail or through social media, and sometimes visits. Some birthparents choose closed adoption, feeling confident that their baby will be placed in a safe, loving home.  To meet some of the families waiting to adopt, click here.

Our friendly, caring staff can also share information with you about parenting resources, and provide linkages to housing, medical care, and other support services. Our social workers will help you plan for your future, whether you ultimately choose to parent, make an adoption plan, or not to continue the pregnancy. Our mission is to help you choose the right path—for you.


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