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As a single working mother of two in Yonkers, NY, Carla Timberlake, was becoming increasingly worried about her 13-year old daughter, Sha-Ra, whose growing anxieties and clinginess were beginning to take a toll. Sha-Ra had few friends and her father was completely out of the picture. With no relatives living nearby, Carla had little support to help her cope with her daughter’s growing neediness. A friend who had had a positive experience with Big Brothers Big Sisters encouraged Carla to reach out to BBBS of FSW. Not long after, Carla met with a social worker in FSW’s Yonkers office who spent a great deal of time familiarizing Carla with the program and introducing her to a 31-year old college educated woman who had volunteered to be a mentor.

Now, months later, Sha-Ra and her Big Sister have formed a strong bond, texting each other nearly every day. They share frequent phone calls and meet more than three times a month with Sha-Ra attending her Big Sister’s family gatherings and showing no anxiety about visiting new and interesting places. Carla is thrilled that her daughter has become more independent, allowing Carla to have some much-needed time alone, which has enhanced their relationship. Sha-Ra talks about going to college and becoming a teacher one day. Maybe she’ll even become a Big Sister.