Prime Time: Special Education and Evaluation

Prime Time is a New York State Department of Education-approved special education program offering a range of services including, speech, occupational, psychological, and physical evaluations and therapies for children with developmental and/or learning disabilities. Prime Time serves pre-schoolers aged 3 to 5, providing them with a nurturing, supportive, language-enriched classroom experience.

Prime Time recognizes that early intervention is key to addressing children’s developmental delays. The Prime Time program provides a language-enriched classroom experience for pre-school children from 8 AM to 3 PM, Monday through Friday. Prime Time provides a developmentally appropriate environment that gives each child the individual supports they need to play, learn and grow.

Location-White Plains

225 Fisher Avenue
914-997-0594 fax

North Street Center
456 North Street
914-761-1953 fax


Joanne Freyer, MS, SDA
Prime Time Director
456 North Street
While Plains, NY 10605
(914)761-2731 ext. 10

Ariana Dawe
Office Manager
(914)761-2731 ext. 15

Partial funding provided by:
Westchester County Dept. of Health