Director’s Corner

“To learn from the old, we must love them – not just in the abstract but in the flesh – beside us in our homes, businesses, churches and schools. We must work together to build the kinds of communities that allow us to care for one another.” –            Mary Pipher

I keep a picture on my desk at My Second Home; it’s a photo of my sisters and I surrounded by family with whom we shared our days and around whom we grew up. I keep it there to remind me that the culture I came from, in which multiple generations            lived and shared life together, is no longer the cultural norm. My family picture is there so that I don’t forget why I am so passionate about My Second Home and the older adults who share their lives with me every day they participate in the program.

At My Second Home, we believe in the value of creating a space where different generations can come together and learn from one another. From the first day they join the program, our adults become members of our family. They become our parents, and for the children in the JEWEL program and our student interns, our older adults become new grandparents, aunts, and uncles who can teach us all invaluable lessons.

We recognize and focus on the fact that the adults here with us have lived – and are still living! – full, interesting, unique lives. There is always something for them to teach us, and in turn, there is always something for us to learn from them. Our seniors come to us with wisdom, humor, kindness, generosity and a strength we can only hope to attain when we have reached such a stage in our lives.

Our fundamental philosophy at My Second Home is structured on a combination of independence, dignity, choice, and, most of all, respect. We give our older adults the opportunity to engage in whatever activity they are most interested in at that time, whether it is a competitive game of Bingo, a discussion of current events, arts and crafts, or simply a nice chat with a friend. Socialization is a key component of all of these activities, and our safe, secure, home-like environment helps keep our adult participants active, healthy, happy, and less prone to depression.

 We strive to create a place that is truly a second home for your loved one. We hope you will consider joining us and becoming a part of our family.