Technology Learning Center

Technology has the power to open windows of opportunity.  It is an essential element in a student’s educational experience as well as an empowering force for job-seekers of all ages.  For parents and children, technology can be used to bridge emotional and geographic gaps, fostering better communications.  For immigrants struggling with acculturation or wanting to enter the workforce, technology provides a portal to learning and an opportunity to master English and other vital skills.

The Lucille and Harry E. Jerome Family Technology Learning Center, located in our  Port Chester office, provides opportunities to individuals of all ages to enhance their lives through skills training, English language learning,  and specialized programs that enable people to enter or reenter the job market.

Resources at The Lucille and Harry E. Jerome Family Technology Learning Center offer these benefits:

  • Equalizes opportunities by bridging the digital divide for children and teens who cannot compete educationally due to lack of in-home technology.
  • Provides job development information and computer skills training for the unemployed and underemployed and all those seeking improved vocational opportunities –through our FSWorks program.
  • Eliminates language barriers by using computer technology and bilingual teachers and volunteers to teach English language skills to new immigrants wishing to improve communications and/or enter the Westchester workforce.
  • Teaches higher level computer skills—such as website and graphic design, spreadsheet programs – to youth participating in FSW model programs such as The Westchester Youth Council.
  • Brings seniors into the modern age and reduces their sense of isolation by providing computer linkages to friends, family and community resources.

Envisioned as a critical link in the “digital divide,”  Family Services of Westchester’s Technology Learning Center was made possible by a generous gift from the Jerome Family and Monroe College, whose commitment to fostering professional opportunity aligns with FSW’s mission of strengthening and supporting families. Classes are offered free of charge to members of the community so that they might improve prospects for learning and employment.  Our programs are designed for people of all ages, income levels and special needs.  Support from funders is essential to our ability to provide these offerings.

Family Services of Westchester gratefully acknowledges the support of The Westchester Community Foundation, The Deupree Family Foundation, Verizon, TD Bank, Webster Bank and New York State
Senator Suzie Oppenheimer.

Karen Fink
914-937-2320 ext. 6842