Therapeutic Foster Care

The Therapeutic Foster Care (TFC) program offers loving, stable homes to children who, for various reasons, are unable to live with their birth parents or family members at this time.

TFC serves children of all social, economic and ethnic backgrounds, between the ages of 5 and 18. These youth are special – they may have behavioral, social, or emotional problems – but they need homes and support of loving, nurturing foster parents.

Through counseling and the support of their foster parents, the children are encouraged to acquire better self-control and improved social skills.

Foster Care Parents Are Needed- Can you help?

What support services do these foster parents provide?

  • A safe, consistent and structured home environment where a child can develop skills to succeed in the home, school and community
  • Emotional support and a cooperative family lifestyle for children who want to reunite with their birth parents and siblings
  • Clear expectations and positive praise
  • Enthusiasm, flexibility and emotional availability

What support services do foster parents receive?

  • Specialized parent skills training
  • 24-hour support from professional program staff
  • Weekly in-home support from program staff
  • Biweekly group support sessions
  • Respite services
  • Monetary compensation (Tax Free)

Our goal is to strengthen the relationship between birth parents and their children and to assist with reunification where indicated or prepare the child for independent living.

Karen Fink, Director
(914) 305-6842

Nicole O’Neil, Recruiter & Homefinder  
(914) 305-6881 or (914) 406-9165