POSTPONED – June 10 – RideConnect Table Quiz Trivia


Calling all trivia wizards, the trivia-challenged, and RideConnect supporters! Mark your calendar for an unforgettable evening of fun at TABLE QUIZ NIGHT!

We are pulling out all the stops to celebrate the 10th ANNIVERSARY OF RIDECONNECT! That’s right! We’re turning 10 this year!

On Wednesday, June 10 from 6-9PM, we’ll gather at Vintage Lounge & Restaurant in White Plains for an unforgettable night of fun, facts, a little fiction, and some fundraising! Plus, there will be prizes and auction items, and you will enjoy a delicious buffet dinner from Vintage Lounge & Restaurant along with 2 free drinks.

How it works:

Come on your own, as a couple, or gather a team to compete! Bend your brain as Quiz Master Garry Leavy leads us through 3 rounds of trivia mania with 10 general knowledge questions per round. Your team will score 1 point for every correct answer. And hey: tie breakers will be settled with a game of Rock ‘em Sock ‘em!

Tickets/Table Costs:

Come solo for $50. Snag a date for a cool C-note. Or grab 5 big-brained friends and lock down your winning table for $275 – a savings person of about 5 bones.

Individual players or couples will be assigned to teams the night of the event. Tickets must be purchased in advance to provide for a food head count and create balanced trivia team tables.




Limited sponsorships are available for this event and help support RideConnect’s wonderful senior transportation services. Plus, we give some pretty made kudos and props to those who support us, so expect copious shout-out and incredible platitudes before, during, and after the event.

So sorry! I can’t attend!

Well first, we’ll miss you. But you can still help support our amazing cause of helping seniors in need of connections by making a donation! We’ll miss your face that night but promise to thank you profusely for your support!

Who is Garry Leavy?

He’s the Alex Trebek of Trivia Nights and owns Let’s Go Trivia. He’s full of energy, humor, and he has a big heart. Table Trivia, he says is like “JEOPARDY for cool people.” In addition to running Let’s Go Trivia, Garry is also a superstar RideConnect volunteer! Some of his most recent trips were to take dialysis patient Joel Levitt to over two dozen dialysis appointments – all at 5:30 in the morning!