When mothers are incarcerated, their children suffer. Without a mother at home, children lose the emotional and financial support they need to grow into healthy adults. EMERGE is working to change that here in Westchester County by helping mothers released from jail transition back into the community and learn effective parenting skills.

EMERGE is a voluntary program provided at no charge to mothers age 18 and older who are currently incarcerated and are about to be released from the Westchester County Department of Correction. EMERGE offers these women the opportunity to make a new start in their transition back into the community. EMERGE helps these women prepare for employment and learn effective parenting techniques.

EMERGE teaches responsible parenting skills and financial literacy to women so that they can improve their economic situations and confidently assume all the challenges of responsible motherhood.

The women participating in EMERGE:

  • Attend an eight-week Responsible Parenting workshop to learn about healthy child development, effective parenting skills, discipline techniques, conflict resolution and anger management.
  • Receive assistance with employment readiness and the job search process. Help is provided on resume preparation and interviewing strategies.
  • When appropriate, receive individual counseling sessions and referrals to address other issues, such as mental health or chemical dependency.

Janet Donat,
MS Ed Parent Educator