Living Together

Living Together support groups address issues directly related to living with HIV, such as adjusting to the side effects of medication, living with a chronic illness, treatment adherence, status disclosure to loved ones, dealing with potential mortality, and coping with social stigmatization. We believe that trust between the service provider and the client is the single biggest influencing factor as to whether or not that client will follow up with his/her care, so we strive to quickly establish trust and help clients strengthen relationships with medical providers; this has been one of the keys to our programs’ success.

Living Together is the only support group in the region that boasts a 98% viral suppression rate. Through group support, participants are encouraged to take ownership of their healthcare, maintain viral suppression, and become advocates for policy change. Men’s and women’s support groups, which meet twice a month and provide a meal and a sense of comaraderie, while monthly general groups meetings address state and local policy changes for persons with HIV. Some of our Living Together members have been coming to group sessions for more than 20 years and have made the transition from client to teacher. In addition to helping new members, these members, who are available to program participants via phone 24 hours a day, also advocate for policy changes, and represent people living with HIV/AIDS at local, state, and federal meetings.

Things clients have said about Living Together:

“Living Together has saved my life.”

“Nothing gets in the way of my Living Together groups.”

“Living Together supports me with all of the challenges I go through, not just with HIV but with everything.”

For more information about our Living Together groups please call 914-964-6767×149.

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