Medical Case Management

What is medical case management?

Medical Case Management is a wrap-around service for clients needing support to participate in medical care and/or remain treatment-adherent, or who need assistance navigating issues such as medical coverage, spend-downs, transportation to medical appointments, and benefits. Our team conducts a thorough assessment with each new person, and conducts a re-assessment and a treatment adherence assessment every six months thereafter. We provide assistance with healthcare, education around a variety of issues affecting client health, and conduct case conferences with other members of the client’s provider team to ensure continuity of care.

For persons with HIV: What can FSW’s Medical Case Management team help me with?

Unlike medical case management that is provided at a medical facility, the medical case managers at FSW offer and link clients to community based services, rather than just focus on treatment adherence and doctor appointments. We go out into the field with clients and will do everything we can to help you stay healthy! This is why we carry a smaller caseload than a medical case manager who works at a medical facility. We will also help you to secure transportation for your medical appointments if you have physical difficulties that limit mobility, and help you navigate your way through the DSS system with entitlements and benefits. Please call us for more information at 914-964-6767×132.

For providers who wish to make a referral:

Our medical case management team provides advocacy and referral services utilizing an individualized approach, with the goal of eliminating barriers that impede clients’ ability to access and participate in care. If you would like to learn more about how we can assist your clients who are living with HIV or to make a referral, please contact 914-964-6767 x132.

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