My Second Home

My Second Home is an Alzheimer’s and dementia-focused adult day care program for participants ages 50 and over, located in Mount Kisco, New York.

My Second Home’s award-winning intergenerational day program offers our participants the chance to interact with the young children who attend the Mount Kisco Child Care Center, which it shares in the My Second Home building at the opposite end.

A Unique Intergenerational Approach

In a mobile society like Westchester County, where grandparents and grandchildren often live many miles apart, the seniors at My Second Home and the preschoolers of the Mount Kisco Child Care Center participate in joint activities such as reading, reciting nursery rhymes and co-creating artistic masterpieces that teach and delight both groups.

My Second Home is the only intergenerational day care program in Westchester County and has become a national model of care. In addition to the intergenerational component, My Second Home offers older adults a safe, supervised, home-like day care environment that includes:

  • A warm, inviting, cozy-but-spacious location that gives participants the feeling of being in their own home living rooms and kitchens, with comfortable sofas, framed pictures, a piano and colorful artwork on the walls.
  • Cognitively-stimulating activities such as reading, music, art projects and crafts
  • Exercise programs for strength and balance
  • Excellent nutrition
  • Personal care
  • Door-to-door transportation services
  • Nurturing, trained staff dedicated to providing stimulating activities that help older adults continue to find joy and meaning in their lives
  • Enthusiastic, committed volunteers who regularly create and share enrichment activities such as flower arranging, musical programs, seasonal craft projects, visits from therapy pets, etc.

 Why My Second Home?

Since My Second Home was founded in 1998, it has been a win for the older adults who attend the program, a win for their loving but sometimes overwhelmed caregivers and a win for top-quality, affordable elder daycare in Westchester County.

My Second Home is a win for the older adults who thrive in our program

Research has consistently shown that older adults do better when they are able to age in place and maintain an active role in their families and home communities.

Numerous medical studies have also shown that while an outright cure for Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias remains elusive, the best way to delay the natural progression of cognitive decline is for older adults to spend time in an environment like My Second Home that provides daily opportunities for socialization, exercise and good nutrition.

What’s more, both science and common sense tell us that older adults achieve a tremendous sense of fulfillment by interacting with children and passing on life experiences and skills. My Second Home’s innovative intergenerational program has consistently demonstrated positive outcomes for our older adults, as well as the children who attend our partner program, the Mount Kisco Child Care Center.

My Second Home is a win for stressed-out families and caregivers 

Caring for a loved one who suffers from Alzheimer’s disease or other dementias can be challenging, isolating and overwhelming at times.

For example, it’s estimated that 15 – 18 percent of older adults suffer from depression, which can take the form of sadness, stubbornness or an endless string of demands that can try a family’s resources and patience.

My Second Home lifts those pressures on caregivers by providing both a safe, nurturing space for program participants and essential respite care for their family members. Knowing that their loved ones are secure, happy and looking forward to each new day allows caring spouses and children to continue their careers, safeguard their own wellness, care for young children and maintain strong, resilient family ties.

My Second Home is a win for top-quality, affordable elder day care in Westchester

Maybe most important — and unique — of all, My Second Home offers outstanding quality at a cost working families can afford. To put that statement in perspective, My Second Home is one third the cost of in-home care and one fifth the cost of nursing home care.

How Can I Visit My Second Home?

Our entire team here at My Second Home is extremely proud of our program! We are always delighted when caregivers and families come to visit. We’re here to support your loved one and your family as you go through some very significant life changes.

For more information or to arrange a visit and tour, please contact:

Karen Bisignano, Director
(914) 241-0770, Extension 257

My Second Home
95 Radio Circle
Mount Kisco, NY 10549

My Second Home is funded in part by The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, The New York State Office for Aging and the Westchester County Department of Senior Program and Services.

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