Geriatric Mental Health

The Gatekeeper Program was designed to assist and engage older adults, 55+, who live independently and may be at risk of mental health issues, including depression, anxiety or other unidentified symptoms and would also benefit from case management services. Gatekeepers are individuals who come into contact with older adults in the course of their everyday jobs or normal activities. The Gatekeeper Program social worker provides presentations and trainings to Gatekeepers to recognize the signs, symptoms and “red flags” of possible mental illness in older adults.

The Partnership Innovation for Older Adults Program (PIOAP) was created as a local triple partnership with the Westchester County Dept. of Senior Programs and Services and the Lexington Center for Recovery. The program brings mobile outreach and off-site services, mental health, substance abuse, aging and tele-health services to older adults in Westchester County, age 55+. 

Both programs take a client-centered, preventative approach and help older adults to maintain their dignity, while enhancing their quality of life and helping them to live independently in the community for as long as possible.

If you would like more information about the programs or would like to make a referral please contact:

Tonia Monti, LCSWR
Director – Gatekeeper and PIOAP Programs
(914) 668 – 9124 Ext. 22