Watch My Second Home in My Little Friends Video

“My Little Friends,” directed by Megan Mylan

Director Megan Mylan talks in this interview about her motivations for making My Little Friends and how the chance to tell the story of My Second Home “found her.”

“… when I read about the inter-generational day care model, bringing seniors with dementia together with small children, I wanted so badly to tell [my grandmother] about it. It made so much sense, almost seeming too simple to be truly effective.

“Simple, but brilliant. It’s amazing to watch. What happens during the day is both carefully crafted and far from common place. I know my grandmother would have thrived in an environment like My Second Home. She would have been — just like Seabrew Ford in our film — fully engaged, enlivened by the children’s energy, and would have, in turn, enriched their lives with generous smiles and gentle, patient words.”