RideConnect FAQs

RideConnect, a program of Family Services of Westchester, was established to encourage independence and mobility by providing accessible and responsive transportation options to those in need.

Q. Who is eligible for RideConnect?
A. RideConnect is for older adults (seniors), the disabled and home health care professionals commuting into Westchester County for employment.

Q. What is the cost of the service?
A. There is no charge to call RideConnect. Volunteer services are free of charge, however, charges will apply to some providers, such as private taxis, or town bus services.

Q. What are the hours of service?
A. The RideConnect call center is staffed Monday to Friday, from 9am to 5pm. See details on our website.

Q. What areas do you serve?
A. RideConnect volunteers are available throughout the county but availability varies from town to town.

Q. How do I access RideConnect Services?
A. Simply call (914) 242-7433 and our transportation counselors will be happy to assist you. Or, if you prefer, you can access our website at www.rideconnectwestchester.org.

Q. Are there restrictions on the types of destinations served by RideConnect?
A. No, callers can choose to ride anywhere: the hairdresser, shopping, cultural events, employment, medical appointments or wherever they’d like to go. RideConnect’s transportation counselors will fin the provider who will best suit any caller’s transportation needs.

Q. Does RideConnect offer any other services?
A. Yes, since RideConnect is a program Family Services of Westchester, our transportation counselors have access to the over 50 programs and services that FSW offers and can refer callers to appropriate services. In addition, RideConnect has access to experienced social workers who can assist families in need, when necessary.