Youth Residences

Since 1974 Family Services of Westchester has operated two Youth Residences in WhitePlains for boys and girls.  High-quality home-like residential care is provided to troubled youth ages 13 to 21.

The Jerome Wagner Youth Residence for Boys and the Evelyn Sachs Steiner Residence for Girls* are places of safety and support for adolescent boys and girls who, for a variety of reasons, cannot or should not remain within their family homes. Boys and girls come to us deeply troubled, having suffered hurtful neglect and abuse or serious conflict with their parents. Many have been abandoned and have never experienced what most of us take for granted, a stable and secure home. The Residences allow needed separation between parents and children in crisis, and give the children a safe place to live apart from their families.

Each Residence accommodates eight adolescents living with their peers and two live-in House Parents in a safe, supportive environment. Here troubled teens learn ways to cope, to tap into their strengths, to become contributing members of society. House Parents provide structured, day-to-day support and supervision, while social workers manage individualized care for each youngster. A range of other services, including tutoring, career planning and training in life skills, is also available.

Extra curricular activities are encouraged at least two nights per week:  In addition to scheduled group activities, some residents work part-time; others enjoy karate, bowling, swimming, and team sports at their school, place of worship, community center, or with our Big Brother/ Big Sister program. In addition, all residents have chores: They are expected to keep their own rooms clean and participate in the cleaning of the communal rooms, doing dishes, taking out the garbage, and washing their own clothes, sheets and towels. Residents leave our care knowing that, though the world can be harsh, they can survive and even thrive, and that there are people who care about them.

Who is eligible?

Adolescents, ages 13 to 21, coming from families where parent-child conflict or serious family pathology exist, and where removal from the family home will in itself be therapeutic.  Our Homes are also intended for adolescents who are unable to cope with the structure of the foster family, or whose foster care may have been terminated for other reasons. Youth are referred to our Residences from the Westchester County Department of Social Services, Child Protective Services, Department of Probation, Family Court, and other childcare agencies serving children in Westchester County.

*Special Angels:

Mara and Brandon Steiner, of Steiner Sports and Marketing, spearheaded the efforts to raise  funds for the renovations of the Boys and Girls residences, and have since named the homes after Mrs. Steiner’s father, and Mr. Steiner’s mother.   More than $500,000 has been raised due to their efforts.  As a result, the boys and girls have a home they can be proud of.

Evelyn Sachs Steiner Home for Girls Transformation

Merrysil Joseph, Program Director, 914-872-5245
Shar-Ron McCullough, House Parent (Boys), 914-949-0815
Jennifer Payne, Child Care/Youth Supervisor, 914-686-0324
Alison Caspi, Social Worker, 914-872-5258