Renovation, Enrichment Fund Brighten The Lives of Teens in FSW’s Girls’ Residence

For the eight teens who live in FSW’s Girls’ Residence, life can be challenging at times. Many of these adolescents, ages 13 to 21, have been abused or abandoned and can arrive at the White Plains home feeling angry and distrustful. FSW’s caring staff and house parents work hard to provide the support and encouragement the girls need to thrive in school and succeed in the world. They offer a safe, caring environment and inspire the girls to tap into their strengths and rise above any negative influences.
Recently, the girls and the staff were uplifted with two wonderful gifts. First, FSW Board member Brandon Steiner, and his wife Mara, spearheaded a $250,000 renovation of the Girls’ Residence. For the past several months, contractors have been working on the following plans to improve the home:
• Renovate and modernize the kitchen;
• Replace all roofing and siding;
• Redesign and refurnish all the bedrooms;
• Overhaul the two bathrooms;
• Update the entry foyer and office area;
• Provide new landscaping in the front and back of the house;
• Create a computer room;
• Renovate the front porch.
“We are so excited to see the progress being made on the renovation of the Girls’ Residence,” says Lynn Green, Vice President of Development for FSW. “These girls deserve a beautiful space to flourish in and this major remodeling will give them a brighter outlook on life, provide more privacy, and improve their daily lives.”
A $100,000 grant from the Fridolin Charitable Trust will help provide the girls in the residence with an Education/Enrichment Fund. Enrichment opportunities, for example, will enable the girls to attend theater performances, museum trips and athletic events while the educational component will provide the residents with tutoring, computers, software, books and art supplies. A Youth Development Scholarship Fund will provide internships, college scholarships and life enhancing opportunities for youth with demonstrated promise.
“We are thrilled that the girls in our Residence will now have greater access to some of the tools they need to succeed in today’s world, such as computers, tutoring and college scholarships,” says James Kaufman, TK. “This Fund will help the girls meet their potential and give them the confidence to reach for opportunities.”

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