Local Couple Both Gives and Receives During Pandemic

“Now more than ever we must help others who need us”
Putnam County couple both gives and receives during pandemic

He’s a train enthusiast, a historian, the author and editor of several railroad books, and a pie-eating champion. He’s also a major RideConnect of FSW fan.

RideConnect’s core mission is to provide transportation resources for older adults 60+, and it is mobilizing quickly to meet the new demand for delivery services to seniors. Their vast database of seniors in Westchester and Southern Putnam Counties allows them to quickly match volunteers with isolated seniors in need.

Dan Gallo and his wife Barbara are playing it safe during the pandemic. The 72-year-old retired IBM worker has a heart condition, putting him at risk during for COVID.

Homebound, they still needed groceries and so a friend hooked them up with RideConnect’s Shop & Drop program.

“We emailed our shopping list at 8:30 one morning and by 1PM we had our groceries,” says Dan. “Such quick and sincere service. RideConnect is really top-notch!”

While Dan and Barbara’s fridge and pantry are being filled with the bounty their RideConnect Shop & Drop delivery driver provides, they know others in the region are not as fortunate to afford such staples during these challenging times.

So the couple looked to their faith, opened their checkbook, and made a major gift to RideConnect to help feed and provide for others.

“We would love to get out and help right now, but health-wise we can’t. Instead, we donate.”

The couple, who met at a dance hall in 1967, are passionate “cruisers”, having been around the world on 129 cruises in 30 years. “We’ve seen poverty around the world and we know we are blessed to live in a country with resources. And we are happy to share our wealth with others, especially now.”

“Now more than ever we must help others who need us,” says Dan. “RideConnect is a home-grown organization that really helps real people in real communities.”

“We will definitely be doing more with RideConnect,” he went on. “The need will continue to be there. And so will we.”

Meet the Gallos:
Homebase: Putnam County
Married: 51 years ago next week
How they met: At the Fore and Aft bar & dance hall in White Plains, September 30, 1967
Fact: Dan is the 1968 Iona College pie-eating champion and still has the award plaque to prove it

To volunteer or to inquire about receiving grocery deliveries, email Karen Ganis at kganis@fsw.org for details.