Children’s Health Homes – Care Management Services

FSW’s Children’s Health Home – Care Management Services are part of the New York State Health Homes Program. Health Homes operate under a care-management service model where all of a child’s caregivers communicate with one another through an assigned care manager, so that all of a child’s needs can be addressed in a comprehensive way.

As a Health Homes Care Management Agency (CMA), currently within the network of The Collaborative for Children and Families (CCF), FSW plays a vital role in assisting and empowering children and families to achieve and maintain their overall health goals.

FSW’s Children’s Health Home care managers work closely with children, ages 6 to 21, and their families or caregivers to oversee and provide all of the services a child may need to stay healthy, stay out of the emergency room and stay out of the hospital.

By developing and implementing a patient-centered comprehensive plan of care for each child, FSW gives families a central point of contact to coordinate any additional services that may be needed

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Andrea Ruggiero