Family Strengthening

FSW’s Family Strengthening program is a community-based, mobile mental health program that provides parents with the tools and skills needed to address their children’s behavior issues and mental health needs.

The Family Strengthening program’s main goal is to avert psychiatric hospitalization of very young children. The program assists with improving children’s social skills and helps children learn to manage their anger. Families learn constructive strategies to help children handle conflict and improve their coping skills.

The Family Strengthening Program utilizes the Trauma Therapy Model to improve overall family communication and interaction utilizing trauma-focused therapeutic techniques and interventions.

Family Strengthening Services

FSW’s Family Strengthening program serves families with children ages 3 – 8 throughout Westchester County. Family Strengthening provides free, confidential services at home, at the child’s school and in the community. The Family Strengthening staff meets with the family weekly for up to three months to:

  • Provide parents with strategies to foster positive emotional development in their children
  • Give children academic and social support in school
  • Access continuing support services upon completion of the program

Family Strengthening Referrals

The Family Strengthening Program serves families receiving preventive services through the Westchester Department of Social Services. Family Strengthening also receives referrals from the Crisis Prevention Response Teams at St. Vincent’s and St. Joseph’s Hospital Centers, the SPOA committee, the Department of Community Mental Health and other sources.  

Contact Information:

Diana K. Cohen, LCSW-R, Director, Early Childhood Mental Health Programs
(914) 358-5419