REAL Parenting

FSW’s REAL Parenting program gives previously incarcerated non-custodial fathers who are behind on their child support the job placement, parenting skills and financial literacy resources they need to get out of debt, stay out of debt, and meet their family financial commitments.

Group of families at the Bronx Zoo

REAL Parenting families gather for a trip to the Bronx Zoo, courtesy of a grant from FSW’s Junior Board.

Young fathers are offered a path back into their children’s lives through a combination of life skills, employment training and other key employment and child support benchmarks in exchange for help with debt owed to the state for child support in arrears.

Contact Information:

Claire N. Hurst, LMSW, Program Director
(914) 964-6767, Ext. 132

Father and Daughter riding the merry go round

Father and daughter reunited through REAL Parenting. Don’t their faces say it all?