It Was a Valentine’s Day for All Ages at FSW

Teens from our Youth Residences were able to experience the joy of lifting up others at last Thursday’s Valentine’s Day Celebration at FSW’s Center for All Ages in White Plains.  Special needs preschoolers from our Prime Time program and seniors with mental health needs from our assisted-living residential program also joined in the festivities.

The celebration was a unique opportunity to combat feelings of holiday isolation through the power of intergenerational connections. For the vulnerable teens, the community celebration encouraged positive behavior and advocated personal responsibility.

The teens created a variety of crafts for the guests including goody bags, photo albums and decorative jars for flowers and candy. The preschoolers, teens and seniors had dinner together and enjoyed cupcakes and chocolate fondue for dessert. Everyone enjoyed games called “Catch My Heart” and “Guess The Number of Jellybeans in the Jar.”

Valentine’s jars created by teens from FSW Youth Residence.

FSW has had a long history with intergenerational programming as way of increasing cooperation and exchange between different generations. Its award-winning intergenerational day program for older adults, My Second Home of FSW is an Alzheimer’s and dementia-focused adult day care where children and adults share many experiences like crafts, exercise and gardening.

Guests of all ages lined up for the bean bag toss game “Catch My Heart.”
For this Valentine’s event, age was only a number. The intergenerational aspect promoted a sense of belonging and well-being for seniors and nurtured social and emotional skills for the children and youth.  For those in crisis, there is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.

From FSW’s Youth Residence, Happy Valentine’s Day!
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