FSW’s Restorative Justice programs are grounded in the core belief that individuals who have been incarcerated or youth who are at-risk of becoming involved with the justice system can turn their lives around through education, life  and job skills training, parenting support and the support of their families and communities.

FSW’s Restorative Justice programs include:

Community Credible Messengers Initiative (CCMI) – Transformative, mentoring intervention for at-risk youth

EMERGE – Re-entry workshops, employment assistance and counseling for incarcerated mothers

Growing Together – Re-entry for women after incarceration

Mount Vernon SNUG of FSW – Street Outreach program aimed at reducing and preventing shootings and violence

NavigatingFatherhood – Workshop sessions, support groups, individual counseling and mentoring sessions for incarcerated fathers

REAL Parenting – Training and supportive services in job placement, parenting skills and financial literacy for previously incarcerated non-custodial fathers