Pat Lanza 
April 7, 1933 - April 3, 2014

Patricia Lanza, FSW’s Dear Friend and Supporter

FSW joins the community at large in being deeply saddened by the loss of Patricia Lanza, our dearest friend and most generous philanthropist. Pat will always be remembered by her boundless energy, kindness and selflessness, and her legacy will be forever cherished and celebrated by all of the lives that have been and will continue…[More]

DIA Easter Baskets

Transamerica Retirement Solutions Helps to Usher in Spring

Transamerica Retirement Solutions (formerly Diversified Investment Advisors) employees have celebrated the arrival of spring for 14 years by creating baskets full of fun for children.  Since 2009 they have partnered with FSW’s Head Start program to provide these wonderful gifts for our children.  This year the 30 baskets were made both by individual employees as…[More]

Volunteer Engagement

The Ultimate in Volunteer Engagement!

Volunteering at FSW can be rewarding and fun. It can also afford you the chance to get to know someone new or someone in a new way.

Au Pairs at Sharing Shelf

35 Au Pairs from Aupaircare Volunteer at The Sharing Shelf

They worked hard all day as Au Pairs, caring for children throughout Westchester County, and then they volunteered in the evening to help the Sharing Shelf of FSW.  We are so grateful to this energetic group of young women who brought bags of clothing donated by their host families to the warehouse and then spent…[More]

FSW Annual Meeting 2013 004 for website

It’s National Volunteer Month–FSW Salutes Our Volunteers

FSW recognizes the incredible power and capacity of our volunteers who work with children, youth, adults and families; assist staff in carrying out our daily operations; lend a hand for specific projects, and support our programs and services as advisory committee members and  members of our Board of Directors and Junior Board.  The quality of…[More]